"Allison" Cake Cutlery ( available in other colors)
On sale
"Allison" Champagne Toasting Glasses ( available in other colors)
"Cynthia" Sword (Available in other colors)
Sold out
"Halle" Rhinestone Cutlery Set (Available in Gold)
On sale
"Lily" Wine/Champagne Bottle
Sold out
"Sandra" Tall Bling Champagne Toasting Set (Available in other colors)
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"Sheena" Cake Cutting Sword
"Teresa" Bling Champagne Glasses (Available in other colors)
$100.00 - $125.00
"The Royal" Champagne Toasting Glasses
On sale
'Kendell' Kollection Bundle
'Kendell' Kollection Cutlery Set
On sale
'Melissa' Sword (Available in other Colors)
$250.00 - $350.00
On sale
20 oz Bling Name Tumblers
All in One Bling Guest Book (Available in other Colors)
Bic Lighter Covers
Bling Cake Ball Topper
On sale
Bling Tumblers
$25.00 - $55.00
Sold out
Bling Vow Books
Clearance! Bling Flask
Initial Rhinestone Bling Flask.
Mommy and Me Bling Tumblers
NEW STYLE! "Gracie" Bling Champagne Toasting Set
Rhinestone Bling Cake Stand
$175.00 - $200.00
On sale
Ryanne Champagne Glasses (More Bowtie Colors)
On sale
The Carter
$225.00 - $450.00